Video Production Trends - How to Get More Views on YouTube for Your Business

The latest video production trends can be quite overwhelming.

How do you get people to respond to your video? What style of video production will work best for you?

Do you need a full scale commercial shoot?

How do you know if your video production is successful?


These are valid concerns and there are dozens of different video production trends. This article will provide you with an overview of the latest video production trends.

guy with camera

- Get Your Audience Involved.

Video production trends have always been about engaging your audience. Whether it's a commercial, testimonial, or an educational video, your audience must be engaged. This is the first piece of your video puzzle. Once they are engaged, the rest of your video production will fall into place.

- Get Them to Like You.

Having a fan base is just as important as having a fan in a sports team or band. Your fans must like you enough to contribute to your fan base. This is an important step because if your fans do not like you, they will not contribute to your fan base. It also takes people into the mindset that your videos are valuable and are worth their time.

- Get Them to Share Your Video.

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. Your target audience does not just share videos they like.

Your video must be valuable enough to share.

Remember this is their time and you are providing them with the information that they need. Make sure your video is not only informative but also entertaining and fun. This last part is not so important because videos are short.

However, to ensure that your video is worth the time of your viewer, it must be funny and has a deep message. This message should be related to your website.

After you have gotten your viewers to like you and share your video, the next step is to engage them.


Use humour, deep content, information and entertainment. These are the pieces of your video that will have your audience glued to your video. And when you get them glued to your video, you can then continue to sell your products and services.