The Power of Email Marketing

The internet is a huge place. There are many places for us to explore and explore and explore.

There are ways to find information that is not too overwhelming to our young minds. Some places are a little slow to reply but when you do get a response, it is helpful. If you have a problem that needs solving then some places you may find solutions to your problem. Others places may cause you to be confused and then get frustrated and that is when you might need to ask the right questions.

Email is one of the best places to do this. A lot of us have emails. They have emails too, but how many of us have emails that are actually answering our questions? These email are sometimes called questions and answers. You may have emails that help you with your problem or perhaps they are the problem itself.


They may just tell you what you need to know but instead of giving you a simple answer they may hide behind words to make you think that they are giving you a simple answer. It is kind of like giving you the middle finger.

If you have an email that answers your question and is also helping you by saying something like "but no it is not your fault" you may be on a dead end street. Then you look back and see the word "help" all over the place and you may need to read on.

You may need to look at things from a different angle. You may need to look at a problem from a customer point of view. A customer point of view where the customer is the only one that needs to be helped and if anyone else needs to be helped it is the customer's problem.

There are many emails, both for profit and non profit emails that answer your question about a problem. You may have been directed to one of these emails by your problem solve merchant. You may have been sent them by your problem solve merchant because you said you just needed an answer and now you find you need to know more about the problem. The merchant may have just sent them to you because they are an expert in the field or because they are a large company.

The point is that you may have been given the wrong answers. That is ok. The right answers could be miles away. You might be told you need to know more about the email that you are on and that is great. You still need to know more about the email in order to solve your problem.

Look at it this way. You have heard the word "hype" too many times. You know what hype is but you need to know more about it. Your problem may be just need some help.

Do you want to have a successful website? Is email marketing part of your marketing mix? If you're not sure go to a website that has been successful in the past.


Take it upon yourself to email yourself the winning formulas that make it successful. Then try to copy that success. If you can't figure it out then you need to know more about it. You need to understand it and then you can take it upon yourself to figure it out. It will not take you long to figure it out. 


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