How to set up a Tiktok Ad account step by step

TikTok marketing is one of the most sought after marketing strategies in the world today.


Similar to other social media marketing techniques, TikTok marketing encompasses the use of influencer marketing, creation of viral content, as well as advertising on TikTok to promote a brand or service.


The proliferation and increasing popularity of TikTok marketing makes it one of the fastest growing marketing strategy targeted by advertisers and marketers. Statistics show that TikTok has about one billion active users globally. TikTok users access the app daily and spend close to 60 minutes on the app, which makes TikTok one of the most effective marketing strategy in terms of the ability to reach the target audience (a majority of whom are young audiences).


Notably, companies and marketers that are dominating the TikTok marketing scene have mastered the art of creativity, which is among the strategies with a higher percentage of reception and engagement especially among young audiences. The first step to TikTok marketing is creating a TikTok account and merging your account with TikTok ad manager.


This checklist is a step-by-step guide to opening and setting up your TikTok ad account


Step 1 - Setting Up A Tiktok Ad Account


1.  Download the TikTok app from Play Store or App Store
2.  Install the app on your android, iPhone or iPad

Step 2 – Creating a TikTok Login  


3.  Use your email address or phone number to create a login
4.  Ensure your login information is verified
5.  Accept TikTok ads’ terms and conditions


6.  Click the signup button

Step 3 – Creating an Account  

7.  Enter the country or region your business is located
8.  Enter your business name
9.  Select the appropriate time zone for your business’ location
10.  Select your preferred currency for billing


11.  Check that your account info is accessible via the dashboard

Step 4 – Setting the Business Info  

12.  Fill in your business website
13.  Select the appropriate industry for your brand
14.  Include the street address of your business headquarters
15.  Include the state/province and postal code of your business


16.  Verify your business

Step 5 – Payment and Account Submission  

17.  Select your preferred payment method (whether manual or automatic)
18.  Conduct a self-assessment of your account by analyzing the ‘Account Review Checklist’


19.  Submit your account info for review