How to Convert Your Traffic Into Buyers/Leaving Money on the Table

Website traffic refers to web users who visit a website. How does this make you money? 


A lot of internet marketers will tell you that you should go after the highly targeted traffic to make money. They assume no one is searching for your product or service when you publish your website. While it may be true that no one is searching for your website when you first put it up, over time this is going to change.

For example, your article gets published to an article directory, people read it, click to your website, and they go to your site. Now they are highly targeted traffic, and therefore interested in your product or service. If you have a great sales page, they are going to leave your website because they were highly interested.

Now, this is what you want, a highly targeted traffic. If you are selling an ebook on how to tie your own shoes, they are highly interested. A great way to target your traffic is by finding a free tool that is specific to your market. For example, if you are in the dog training market, use a search engine tool to find out where the people are that are highly targeted on dog training, and then submit your website to those sites.

The most important thing to remember, when you are creating your website, is the title. The title will be the only thing that will pull them to your site, it should also include a call to action to pull them to your website. Make sure the call to action is compelling, then add your URL and your affiliate link, and your customers will follow your link, and they are now highly targeted.

How to Convert Your Traffic Into Buyers/Leaving Money On The Table:

Get people that are highly interested in your product or service. You can do this by giving them excellent information and value.

1. Write articles that are not only an article, but they are also targeted towards your market. If you write articles that are not targeted, you will get traffic from a specific group of people that are looking for a certain subject.

2. Write a report or other free product that has value to the customer. If you write a report that is of low quality or does not give value the customer will not purchase it. Your free product should be of higher quality and higher value, or else customers will not purchase it, they will opt out.

3. Finally, when you have people highly interested in your product or service, offer them an affiliate program, so they can promote your product for you.

When you are writing your website, always include a call to action, a URL and a referral URL, in order for people to buy your product, and to recommend it to their friends.