How to Be successful with Email Marketing without sending an email

If you have been in Online Marketing in any business you know not just that the Money is in the list but the Money is Controlling the list and following up. 


A very  effective way to be  successful in Online Marketing is the dependable non flashy Email.  


With email you control the list you do not have to pay again once you have the email.


You soon find out that you need an Autoresponder to really be effective and efficient. 


After a certain stage you need to pay for not just the Autoresponder but the other things.


You have to deal with  extracting emails ,

writting emails.

People not opening you emails, which is bad for you. 


You need to Find offers to send.

You need to clean you list and

you need to keep feeding it with fresh traffic.   


If you can overcome the obsicles then yes it is worth it.  But when you start out you find that  there is a lot of spending before you get any results. Most people give up. 



Yes the ultimate goal is to do it yourself . I discoved a free system that will not only show you how to make money online but will send emails on you behalf .  They send the emails to everyone for you. Forever.


You get to keep the email address and you can reach out youself so the most valuable asset is yours to keep while you leverage them to grow your business.  



How much do you have to PAY?  You pay Nothing. In fact they pay you to start. 



Start Now. 


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