Everyone who knows me knows my favourite traffic source!

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Whenever someone asks me what's the easiest and best traffic source to get started with that convert into sales... I have always said the same traffic source! Adwords - or Google Ads as it is now known! 


I have spent a small fortune on this traffic source and it can work for just about any business! When you 1st start out there are dead easy traffic sources (like solo ads, nothing is easier you just pay and it comes... But most of the ones where there is any quality there is a bit to learn. Google Ads is no different. 


There is less to learn than other traffic sources but you still need to understand - CPC's CTR's Ad positions Quality scores Keyword targetted Ad optimisation landing page optimisation plus a load of other stuff that doesn't make sense when you are brand new to Internet marketing! The learning curve can be steep and the result can take a while to come. 


The great thing with Google Ads is you can start with just a few dollars unlike other BIG traffic sources where you need 1000s for testing so it is by far one of the most newbie-friendly when you understand the basics... (Like stay away from a broad match when you are new!)


Now I head of someone who is absolutely crushing it with Google Ads, so much so he made 6 figures last year-round his Job, which is awesome! 

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What is more awesome is that he has devised a simple method that anyone can learn very quickly to make commissions with Google Ads!