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I love Organic Facebook marketing :-) I


t brings me a crap tonne of leads every single day (take alook down my profile, youll see I sometimes get 2000 leads form 1 facebook post- Its pretty immense! Its a fantastic traffic source...

But we teach it and how to do this as do many other marketers (we do it best though :-) !


What about all the other social media channels? Do these work as well? Can you get a crap tonne of leads form them?


Can you make as many commissions?

Is it as easy as facebook organic marketing (because it is dam easy when you know what you are doing!) I was looking for some oen who is BIG on social media (facebook included) so we can do a Live trainign on more social media channels that justt Facebook! And I found him :-) he already has 1 million followers on Facebook (thats crazy compared with my 10k :-(!) AND... He makes all of them work to the same degree! Its insane when you see it!


This will be a great training for people who are brand new online and strugging with getting free organic leads! It doesn't matter if you have next to no time this is the EXACT way my speical guest made it work to quit his job and make his 1st million!