They're Getting 10x+ As Much Free Traffic with THIS?

Sep 29, 2022

Are you ignoring this goldmine of a site... bigger than Twitter... and having grown over 100 million new users in 2020? Dpapa and his wife Kateryna are killing it there... with 651k FREE monthly visits to their sites... ...and making them over 22K in under 30 days... The secret site? Pinterest... Their secret weapon?   Dpapa's new software... which will turn Pinterest into your top traffic and automated marketing wizard.... Today you can pick it up for a one-time fee of 91% off ( more


Sep 29, 2022

With so much crap out there in today market that promises the world and delivers nothing but crap...   I can see why people look at headlines like this and think...   Oh look another one :-)     99.9% of the time these types of headlines are just plucked from this air, because the product owner knows it will make sales...   But how about this... What if there was a seriously untapped traffic source... Was organic (Who doesn't love free traffic) Was easy to l more

Pinterest SEO - What Are People Using Pinterest For?

Sep 30, 2022

Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media sites around. It's an interesting concept that allows users to create virtual pinboards to display their favorite images and share them with others. The site was created by Ben Silbermann in 2010 and since then it has grown rapidly.In fact, as of April 2014, the site has more than 100 million active users. That's more than Twitter and Facebook combined!What Is Pinterest?The site is a visual discovery tool where users can save images, vi more